Hogty Management Corporation manages several long-time family farms, however, the majority of our clients are absentee investor owners for whom we have qualified an investment property, helped them acquire the property, and now manage the property on their behalf.  When the time comes to potentially sell the farm, we assist the owner in this process as well.  Often we find ourselves bridging the gap between investors who want to own farmland and farmers who want to operate the farm.  We represent the investor buyer as their exclusive agent; however, this is done in close conjunction with farmers who will rent and operate the property. 

Why do investor buyers purchase farmland?

Investor buyers are interested in farmland as a portfolio diversification and to own a tangible asset class.  The cash-on-cash return on a farmland investment is important, but equally important is the value of the asset and the hope that we see appreciation in farmland values. 

How does Hogty help in this process?

We help farmland investors navigate the buying and selling process and we also help them manage the investment by working closely with farm operators who rent and operate the land.  Qualifying a new farmland purchase can be a daunting task.  We work to find farms that meet the goals of our clients.  Once a farm has been purchased, our management services begin.  These services include:  lease negotiation, rent collection, property inspections, paying property taxes, maintaining insurance coverage, overseeing repair and improvement projects, and providing cash flow and balance sheet information for tax reporting.  

If you have interest in farmland investment and would like to know more, please give Jeremy Henry a call at 816-232-3392 or shoot us an email at:  hogtymgt@gmail.com